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Obama Visits Brazil - Is It About Oil - Learn the Truth

Obama Visits Brazil March 2011

Last summer Obama Donates 2 Billion Dollars to Brazilian Oil Drilling

current events in brazil

Even though President Obama is against offshore
drilling for our country and signed an executive order and obama loan to brazilian oil company 2 Billion of our taxpayer dollars (which we can’t afford to loan since we’re broke) to a Brazilian Oil Exploration Company (the 8th largest company in the entire world) to drill for oil off the coast of Brazil!
The oil that comes from this operation is for the sole purpose and
use of China and NOT THE USA !

Obama and Brazillian Oil

Why did he do that? Why would he give 2 Billion
of our tax dollars to Brazil?

We have absolutely no gain from this transaction

Guess who is the largest individual stockholder of this Brazilian
Oil Company and who would benefit most from this? It is American
BILLIONAIRE, George Soros, who was President Obama’s most
generous financial supporter during his campaign. If you are able
to connect the dots and follow the money, you are probably as upset
as I am. Not only that Obama Brazillian loan to the Brazillian Government to drill. Not a word of this transaction was broadcast on any of
the other news networks! Are they doing their job? Think about it.

Today, the week of March 2011, Obama in Brazil.

Petrobras Obama Loan

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Brazil will become a major player in global energy markets with
its recent oil discoveries in deep water,” said deputy national
security adviser for international economic affairs from the White

Given the current circumstances facing the Arab countries, Brazil
is a candidate very important supplier of U.S. oil in the medium
term,” he said on a visit to Washington the president of the
American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil, Gabriel Rico.

Brazil possesses some of the world's biggest offshore oil reserves
in the pre-salt area off its south-east coast. Ms Rousseff has stated
her desire to export the vast majority of oil from the fields as
the country concentrates on using renewable sources of energy such
as hydroelectric power and ethanol for domestic needs.

At least 7 oil rigs moved out of the Gulf area to other parts of
the world since President Obama initiated his moratorium last year.
At least one of the rigs was relocated to Brazil.

Barack Obama loves Brazilian energy production.


The United States seeks to be “a strategic energy partner”
to Brazil, which recently discovered major new offshore oil reserves.
Obama said the United States wants to be one of Brazil’s “best
customers” when the oil starts flowing.

Both nations also will increase cooperation on producing biofuels
with a specific separate agreement to team up on developing biofuels
for aviation.

While Obama praised Brazilian energy production he continues to
stifle energy production here at home.

By the way… Obama is going to lend billions of dollars to
Brazil to finance exploration of its huge offshore oil field discovery.
His good buddy George Soros is invested heavily in Brazilian energy.

George Soros Financed Obama to become
President. Obama is a puppet to George Soros and purchased by Soros Brazilian Oil Company.

Is it just coincidence that George Soros sold his Western oil stock
and bought stock in Russia and Chinese oil companies, about three
months ago?

Starting in 2009, George Soros invested heavily in Western oil
companies in Libya. His investments brought enormous returns, and
then at the end of 2010 he mysteriously sold them, and bought stock
in Russian and Venezuelan oil and started Soros Brazillian Oil Company in Brazille.

Each Western company saw stock prices skyrocket over the last six
months: Suncore Energy up 46%, Petroleo Brasileiro SA Petrobras
up 15%, Occidental Petroleum up 36%, Marathon Oil Corp. up 61%,
Conoco Phillips up 42%, Halliburton up 67%, Hess Corp up 57%.

Soros somehow knew to reduce Suncore stocks on New Years eve. Soros
dumped almost all his holdings. Likewise, Soros dumped almost all
of Halliburton on New Years eve. Same for Hess. Soros dumped almost
all of Occidental at the end of September, along with most of Conoco
Phillips. He dumped much of Marathon in June. Soros actually increased
PBR but that might have more to do with its huge oil bock buy in
Africa. Each company began to tumble over these last few days because
of the bloody revolution in Libya.

Soros switched much of that over to Russia and Venezuela oil giant
Harvest National Resources, which skyrocketed right after his initial
September 2010 buy.

Last March, Soros invested in airport screeners. How did he know
to do that? Insider info! But how did he know what would go down
across the Middle East?

Crisis in the Middle East - Who Started It

Soros was behind the Egyptian uprising and the crisis in the middle east. But it is crucial for him that Gaddafi must stay in power! Otherwise his Russian investments might lose out. That explains why Obama dittered on something as simple as a no-fly zone over Libya for 31 days!

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