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Outlook for America and the World

March 5, 2011

Crisis in the Middle East

Dollar to devalue by 30-50% in the next 12 months

Economic Warfare Declared on Americans by The Elite!!

Where does it start!

First of all, the chaos in the middle east is designed by the elitists. March 11, 2011, a day of rage will happen in Saudi Arabia. When that happens, get ready for life to be very difficult.

Who are the elitists? The Elitists are made up through hyarchy structure and the top are the globalist bankers controlling governments, corporations, etc. Some are part of secret societies but they are controlled by the top level.

What is the goal:

The End of America

In the end the goal is to bankrupt America and tear down its military and financial might, destabilize all of Europe into clashes of culture and possible wars so as for justification of supranational intervention, and the handing over of the worlds power, resources, and influence to the internationalists who run the UN, EU, IMF, and WTO.

Who owns the dollar? China and the middle east. The riots is to stop production of oil because the money is oil.

Everyone is painfully aware of the fact that China now owns the United States economically, with the Chinese central bank being the largest debt holder at approaching $1 trillion dollars. The average American family with two children collectively owes around $12000 dollars to China. The Communist state’s ownership of long term US …

America has been sold out and our new Chinese slavemasters are now leading the sheep to slaughter. Even as Barack Obama bows and fawns to President Hu Jintao, the globalists for whom he fronts are sharpening the knives and preparing to unleash the bloodletting as the dying carcass of America is dragged into line to facilitate the global management of the planet.

When Saudi Arabia goes which is plan to start rioting called A Day of Rage on March 11, then gas in America will go up as high as $ 7.00 to $9.00 a gallon.

The Greatest Depression

The purpose is to destroy and bankrupt America to change the currency. It is planned to happened at the end of 2012. First, they will create the greatest depression America has ever seen.

China will be fine because they get their gas from Russia. Russia will not provide a lot of gas to America. We are enemies of Russia. We will be at a stand still here in America.

It will cause riots in this nation. What is happening in Wisconsin is going to spread across America. It is to destroy the fiber of this country.

The truth about America. The money did not end there as the ISI along with an influential Pakistan political party joined the government of Bhutto and funded the Taliban in Afghanistan to prop up the opium trades for cash funded by the CIA, using the opiate money to finance destabilizing terrorist organizations in Russian caucuses and the European Balkans. This led to both the Chechnya War and the Balkan Wars. It was to destabilize the regions enough to push the Russian influence out and place the American influence in.

These arguments in favor of intervening in Libya for humanitarian purposes are both a gross lie and distortion of the facts. Russia had observed from space activities in Libyan airspace and confirmed that the Western media and governments were making up false accusations that Qaddafi had been using air raids against the protesters so as to set up a justifiable argument for invasion, then talks of chemical weapons stashed by the Qaddafi regime had come into discussion as well.


The United States would knowingly create and fund groups to attack the West but when you realize that the more enemies the US creates the more excuses it has to spread out it all makes sense. The purpose is to drain this country of all resources, make it reliant upon other nations for its existence until they can get us to the point of financial free-fall when the only viable option left is to forfeit our economic might to the hands of international organizations.

By turning OPEC nations over to democracy they knowingly have just sealed the fate of America and its economy, the Iraq and Afghan wars were to establish a precedent of hatred towards the West so that when they start the revolutions (which are occurring now) the result will be established regimes which are opposed to and hate the United States.

The goal is the complete destabilization of the Western world. The economic collapse of America under a system of debt due to limitless regulations, bureaucracy, war, welfare, and the systematic deconstruction of our manufacturing and agriculture base making us dependent upon the resources of other nations. Same economic system has been the plan in Europe except they have made it even worse there, the plan is to divide up the cultures until tension arises and when the economy crashes and wars are unleashed the frustrations are unleashed too, leading to violence and the march of nationalist, nativist, and xenophobic parties much like what occurred in the 1920s and 30s. Nations will be forced to hand over much of their power to supranational sources such as the IMF, UN, and EU.

Then global police will be put into place.

When America falls, it is to destroy the middle east because their gas is based on American Dollar. It is the big betrayal to the middle east from the elitists.

After the middle east is ruined, then the elitist will open up the drilling in Alaska, North Dakota, Montana and other areas. It is not for our benefit but their benefit. We will become the supplier of gas to the world.

The elitist will take control of airlines, trains, etc. They will take over everything.

The riots are also happening in Mexico and more riots will happen all over the world.

America will rise up again as a leader under the new currency but the world will be very different. We will be slaves to these elitists.

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