Monday, March 14, 2011


30+ million people are out of Home due to Floods just in the past 4 months alone

Deadly Flooding Hits Parts of East Coast - Mar 13

7 dead, almost 1 million displaced from Sri Lanka flooding - Feb 5

Streets flooded, power cut in Saudi city of Jeddah - Jan 26

Torrential rain, floods in Rio leave 58 dead - Jan 12

18 die in floods, mudslides in Sri Lanka - Jan 12
Brazil government says 100,000 displaced by floods - Dec 9
Australia floods larger than France strand 200,000 - Dec 31
BBC News - Floods force mass evacuations in Queensland, Australia - Dec 30
Australia PM urges help for 'unprecedented' floods - Dec 30 <-- How many Floods has Australia had ???
Philippine Flash floods left 2 dead, thousands evacuated - Dec 30
Widespread flooding reported across region - Dec 22
NB flood damage 'beyond imagination' - Alward - Dec 19
Major winter storm hits Hawaii. Flash flood watches across entire state - Dec 19
Snow, floods hit France, Scotland, Spain - Dec 9
Panama Canal closes because of flooding - Dec 9
State of emergency declared across Massive flood zone in NSW and Queensland Australia - Dec 3
Massive flooding leaves deadly trail of destruction in Venezuela - Dec 2

State of emergency declared in 3 Balkan nations after worst flooding in over 100 years - Dec 2

Floods affect 1.2 million Colombians, more rains forecast - Nov 19

Red Cross UK Urges South East Residents to Prepare for Floods - Nov 19 <-Massive Flooding already!

Floods in France and Belgium, Killed at Least 5 - Nov 15

Flood waters recede in NS after massive flooding - Nov 15

Sri Lanka floods force up to 300,000 from their homes - Nov 11

8 million effected as Flooding Hurts Harvests in Thailand, Philippines - Nov 8 2010 8 million in Thailand now effected due to floods and this Typhoon = The Thai floods spread to 51 provinces over the past month, leaving 165 dead and affecting at least 7.6 million residents,

Typhoon Megi leaves massive destruction with 200,000 homeless - Oct 20 Major Flooding !

Flooding on eastern Greek islands leaves 2 dead, damages homes and ... - Oct 19

UN - 377 dead in west and central African floods, 1.5 million affected - Oct 20 2010

Super Typhoon Megi slams Philippines.. 140,000 evacuated as China braces for storm's arrival; Vietnam and Thailand hit by flooding - Oct 18

Pakistan floods affect 20 million - Oct 14

Bangladesh storms make nearly half million homeless - Oct 10 Another Flood and again not a natural event !

Open flood gates displace 2 million in Nigeria - Sept 27 2 million out of home again due to floods... again it's flooding !!!

Heavy rains spark big floods over Central America - Sept 27

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