Friday, May 6, 2011

The Collapse of the Dollar Timeline

building crisis in the Middle East, the plan to take down the dollar while double-crossing the Arabs, and the bringing up of China to top status.

The standard currency of the world is crude oil.

Stop for a minute, and think that one through. ‘Real’ global power and control, comes from those who control oil, which in turn controls governments, policies, and currencies.

The elitist puppet masters who influence and control oil, banksters, the IMF, globalists of the world have been, and are, pulling the strings, strategically with long term objectives and planning. Big Oil.

  • 1901, 1st gusher of oil in the U.S. in Texas (no big oil companies before then)
  • Big oil companies then led to industrial revolution, booming economy
  • Oil discovered in the Arab Middle East
  • Oil companies divide up the Middle East Arab world for ‘pickings’
  • Henry Kissinger makes deals with Arab nations that the U.S. will buy Arab oil (and not pump large U.S. oil fields), but in return, Arab nations will buy U.S. Treasury bills (which funds U.S. debt)
  • Every Arab nation agreed with this deal, except Iraq and Iran
  • The U.S. debt spiral began at this time, enabled by Arab T-Bill purchases
  • Americas oil fields would not be produced because the U.S. needed the Arabs to buy U.S. debt
  • Globalists teaming up with China and outing the U.S., and plan to destroy the U.S. dollar
  • Strategically created chaos in the Middle East beginning with Egypt, now Libya, will become domino effect, and trigger the Arab nations into chaos
  • ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is staged and supported by elitists to bring about the Arab chaos, nation after nation
  • Crude oil will rise to $150 – $200 a barrel
  • U.S. gasoline $7 a gallon, economic destruction will result, prices skyrocket, dollar devalues
  • China is entirely insulated from Middle East oil because of recent deal with Russia (now the #1 oil supplier in the world) to buy all the oil and natural gas they want, they do not exchange in U.S. dollars
  • U.S. Dollar will be dead in 9 to 12 months, by end of 2012
  • Arabs will be double-crossed holding so much debt, Treasuries, extreme Arab anger at U.S.
  • China getting SEC exemptions while translating as much U.S. debt (Treasuries) that they can into U.S. influence, purchases, companies, hard assets
  • China is the bombshell, they will become number 1 after the dollar collapse
  • American economy in shambles, oil at or near $200, U.S. oil reserves in Alaska and Rockies will begin to be tapped
  • Food will be extraordinarily high priced, people going hungry cannot afford food
  • New world currency will be ushered in to a desperate people who will accept it
  • Checkmate

Current News

The current riots in the middle east are simple democratic uprisings of the people. These riots are completely injected and on June 8, 2011 there will be a huge event in the middle east that causes a drastic change in the petroleum markets. “All investments should be in and around crude oil by May of this year” a specific document from within. This event will have something to do with Iran and could potentially be a preemptive military strike by Israel which will plunge the middle east into a much larger conflict than 2001.

Crude oil prices will skyrocket exacerbating the state that the economy is currently in. Once gasoline prices in the United States reach $5.00 per gallon (around August of this year) Obama and the Federal Reserve will make the preordained decision to inject large sums of money into the economy in the form of a subsidy program designed to cut prices of gasoline. This cash injection will be substantial and will be the beginning of hyperinflation.

Around the same time that Obama proposes the creation of this gasoline subsidy program we will see the Chinese condemn the United States and their radical entitlement programs. China will announce they condemn the radical injections of cash by the Federal Reserve and can no longer allow the United States to devalue their holdings. China will make an official announcement exclaiming they refuse to buy further U.S Treasury Bonds. The result - chaos around the United States financial systems.

Ben Bernanke will try to mitigate the huge losses taking place on Wall Street by further injecting inflated dollar currency into the markets. This will further accelerate the problem and around the end of September of this year the United States dollar will be all but, dead.

Precious metals will have skyrocketed in price but 90% of the population will have no exposure to any type of monetary purchasing power and will be desperate for any type of relief. This relief will come in the form of a proposed world wide credit system that most world leaders are already aware of and currently taking action to prepare for.

By the end of 2011 we will see much of the United States making this move to the new credit system with promises that the new system will be based on a world wide subsidy that affords citizens purchasing power of basic necessities that they have been deprived of the past months. China, Russia, Europe, Middle Eastern Countries, and the United States will all agree upon the terms of this new credit system. No physical currency will be used and it will be a completely biometric based electronic system. Despite the frightening implications of a system such as this, we will see the United States population adopt it with open arms after a 3 year long recession in conjunction with the future global depression. Leaders will announce that a new electronically monitored world wide credit system will afford more robust monitoring and regulations of large financial decisions and institutions and will help to eliminate financial corruption that caused the recession and resulting depression.

One thing is certain. The world will never be the same after the move to this monetary credit system takes place. It will be the biggest step towards consolidation of global governance since World War 1. What is more frightening than this entire plan is the simple fact that the populations around the world will do nothing to stop it.

The citizens of the United States offer the most influence of any population of people in the world, but have been turned into a collection of drones who aren’t able to critically analyze situations around the world and here in the United States.

Even without concrete evidence and documents leaked from Legatus and other shadow government groups, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the current direction and goals of the global elite. The collapse of the dollar will be the event recorded in history as the precursor for generations down the line to blame as the catalyzing event that led to a global oligarchy in which they live.

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