Thursday, October 27, 2022

Biden Calls Republicans Terrorists

 Biden Labels Republicans Terrorists

Watch the Video by Glenn Beck, where he shares that the government indicates conservative terrorists in America. It is so crazy to think that my president or government because I believe in God and live my life for God, thinks that I am a terrorist. This is a sad affair. Then, the president says conservative terrorists in Texas. Most of us in Texas are conservative. 

Joe Biden has warned that MAGA Republicans - those loyal to his predecessor, Donald Trump are extremists who are eroding American democracy and advocating political violence. The US president made the remarks in Philadelphia, where the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. Yasmine El-Sabawi reports. 

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This is so wrong because Biden is not a Democrat but a communist. He isn't even following the Democrat way. Many of the true democrats are leaving the party.

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President Biden is facing an alarming level of doubt from inside his own party, with 64 percent of Democratic voters saying they would prefer a new standard-bearer in the 2024 presidential campaign, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll, as voters nationwide have soured on his leadership, giving him a meager 33 percent job-approval rating.

I don't see that he cares about the people, but most of his emphasis is on going green and globalization. He needs to be helping the people, and his foreign relations stinks. 

To me, Biden acts like Hitler. Biden is pushing Putin to do nuclear. 

Traci Morin, Wake Up News