Monday, November 7, 2011

G20 Meeting in Europe - Crisis in Greece

Gerald Celente RT America - 03 November 2011

G20 meet in France, even with our President, Obama, a total disconnect going on with world leaders and common people. The system is colapsing.

The G20 a group of lawyers and business man discussing how to "fix" problems...? how did we came to this?

Gerald said it all right there "look at the red carpet" its a freaking show, and an ego buster for this group of nuts.

Now Italy is in trouble.

Who is causing all this problem? The elitist are creating a colapse to create a new world global currency.

They want to enslave us and we have to deal with them in everything.

Economists who are honest, tell us that we are headed for a great depression by 2012 and conservative voices in America are warning that we need at least 6 months of emergency food reserves available. Now is the time to prepare and unless we operate with wisdom, understanding and knowledge, the days ahead will be impossible to navigate alone. EFG-BN endorses one solution for emergency food storage.

Read this article
in what the elitist plan to do.

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