Wednesday, March 28, 2012

American People Prepare for Dollar Dead End of 2012

Summary: Watch Video Below
Finance & Trade
  • There will 'Not' be a Financial Collapse during April, May or June...!
  • Lindsey reiterated: 'By the end of 2012 the $USD will be 'Dead'..!
  • Don't pay any attention to the New York Stock Market - It means nothing..!
  • 2 Months ago China & Japan signed the Largest ever 'Trade Agreement' in the history of the world, saying they would trade amongst themselves and the would 'Not' be using the $USD..!
  • India signed an 'Agreement' to buy $1 Million Barrels of oil per day and pay Iran in 'Gold' 'Not' the $USD..!
  • Saudi Arabia has 'Betrayed' America by building the Largest ever Oil Refinery in Saudi Arabia to supply China with Oil and they too will 'Not' be using the $USD for payment..!
  • Hence the 'Collapse' of the Petro $USD is enevitable..!
  • The reason the 'Elite' have 'Not Allowed' the $USD &/or the Financial System of the World to collapse yet is because they want every Nation in the World to 'Max Out' their 'Debt' before they pull the plug..!
  • Why do you think ALL the Govts. of the World are getting their respective Country's into so much DEBT..!
  • WallStreet Insider: Tom Fyler as told of How the Elite's/NWO were going to 'Bring Down' the Financial System 20 years Ago by using 'Derivitives' as an 'Economic Weapon' and was told 'Not' to tell anyone..!

DON'T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO: New York Sock Exchange, EURO, Crude Oil Prices (The Indicator as to 'WHEN' the Financial Collapse will take place) is when the 'DERIVATIVE' Market begins to 'Crack'..!
At the moment 'No Need' to pay any attention to the Iranian 'War Propoganda, Obama may use it at the least minute e.g. nearing the US Elections if he has to..?
Keystone Oil Pipeline

Remember Obama said he was going to make a decision on the 'Keystone Pipeline' on a certain date. He did'nt he waited 2 weeks! (WHY?) He finally said its not in the benefit of America to do this (which cost 1,000s of Jobs together with $Billions of Lost Revenue)..!

The Liberty Rig on Gull Island that Lindsey mentioned in his book 'Energy Non Crisis' 35 years ago was meant to come online in the summer of 2013 and Obama has prevented the constructruction of the Keystone Pipeline which will not allow the Oil to flow..!
Lindsey Quote: "The Oil Fields of Gull Island is the 'MotherLoad' of all the World's Oil fields and the 'Elite' must bring that Oil out and the 'Elite' were depending on the Keystone Pipeline to get it to market..!"

Liberty Oil Rig GULL ISLAND !!

After years of planning and preparation, sometime this year a drill bit will augur its way into the ground towards BP's Liberty oil field offshore Alaska's North Slope. The drill bit, attached to a massive drilling rig, will test the limits of how far it is possible to drill from a surface well site to penetrate a distant oil reservoir in the deep subsurface. Pastor Lindsey Williams discussed this in a recent conversation with his Mr X . which proves that indeed Mr X was right.

Lindsey then spoke with his 'Elite Source' and asked him Why? did Obama Cancel Out the Keystone Pipeline to be built across Canada? The Elite Source Angrily replied "Because Obama is a 'Muslim' and the Elite may 'Not' allow Obama a 2nd Term because of it..!

Obama has 'Double Crossed' the Elite in favour of the 'Muslim Brotherhood' and is in (BIG, BIG, TROUBLE)..! He may not get re-elected because of it..! Why then did Obama do it, Lindsey asked his Source.? The 'Muslim Bretheren' gave him $Millions in Campaign Donations 3 years ago and is (Counting On) more Donations from them this year..!

Lindsey 'Clarified' this with his 'Elite Source' and the 'Elite' are absolutely 'LIVID' with Obama..!
Timeline to America's Total Destruction with Pastor Lindsey Williams

PSS - I'd be 'Bloody Worried' too If I were you Barry..!

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