Sunday, February 11, 2024

Sheriff Preparing Community Prepared for Terrorist Threats

 Butler County Sheriff Preparing Community Prepared for Terrorist Threats

FBI Prepares 3500 Sheriffs in America for Terrorist Threats

Thanks to our President, Biden, for making America unsafe from terrorists as each state has Chinese safe houses in every state of America. The biggest problem is foreign hackers to the grid. In his county alone, they have at least five hacks daily on the county water and electricity system. 

The FBI expects enormous problems during the elections throughout each state and on election day. It is not an if but when the Terrorists could strike America. The Sheriffs conference was in DC, and Biden refused to show up and speak. What does that tell you?

The FBI director on terrorism threats prepared the Sheriffs to do their part for their counties to fight terrorism, such as hacking the grid or destruction. When it does happen, it takes time to get the military up and going, so counties, cities, and local areas will have to depend on the police and fire department. The sheriff of Butler County is training citizens to help solve the problem of terrorism. He also talked about how to prepare, like having water, extra food, etc.

Watch the video below to hear all he has to say about the FBI Director on terrorism threats to American citizens and governments.

By: Traci Morin, Wake Up News

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