Sunday, February 11, 2024

Update on Israel and Hamas

Update on Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip

Hamas cowards are sitting in their cold Rafah tunnels with limited oxygen, praying that Israel doesn’t initiate its plan to enter Rafah and liquidate it from Hamas terrorists.

They know this is the end for them. They know their leaders will be found and eliminated. They learn the hostages, which was their only bargaining chip, are in Rafah and are about to be found. 

These little snakes are trying to do whatever they can to prevent this operation.

Of course, as always, the world obliges and pressures Israel to not enter Rafah.

There is no possible explanation of why the world is trying to prevent this operation other than the desire to keep Hamas alive.

There will be no “Humanitarian crisis” unless Hamas creates one.

Israel has already begun to notify civilians that they should evacuate and has provided many places, all of which Israel already cleansed of Hamas, for them to go.

This is the final stronghold for Hamas. They know it, Israel knows it, and the international community knows it.

Biden himself has shown his true colors and is calling on Israel not to enter Rafah. Of course, he knows full well that Israel has no intention of listening to a senile man who sees people where there are none and confuses Egypt with Mexico.

Update on Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip

All the heavy guns are being taken out to prevent Israel from achieving victory. First, the threat of freezing aid if Israel goes in. Then, when Biden realizes no one cares what he has to say, he pulls the Ramadan card.

The audacity to tell Israel not to attack Hamas on a Muslim holiday when this all started on a Jewish holiday on which Jews were murdered and raped is repulsive.  But here is the thing. The Jewish people are done listening to foreign governments who think they have any moral standing to tell Israel not to defend itself.

Israel will do what is good for Israel, and if anyone doesn’t like it, well, too bad for them.

Hamas, here we come. Nowhere else to run. Nowhere else to hide. We are coming for you, and you will die like the cowards you are at the hands of the IDF, preferably a female soldier because, well, after what you did to Jewish women, I think we can agree that it’s only fair you are eliminated by Jewish women. Karma is coming for you.

It’s too late to surrender. You had your chance. The party is now over, and Hamas is about to become a thing of the past.

Hamas will join the club with many nations and empires that tried to annihilate the Jews and failed. You guys can all sit in the depths of hell, crying about how unfair it is that the Jews are still thriving and flourishing as a nation while you and your people have been eliminated from the world.

Traci Morin, Wake Up News
information from Amir Tsarfati, Behold Israel

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