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The Arrival of the AntiChrist

Doc Marquis - Arrival of the AntiChrist

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Former Illuminist/Satanist Doc Marquis provides insight into the coming "Masonic Christ", the Antichrist, which only an insider could know
Chapters include - 1) Introduction; 2) History of the Masters of the Illuminati; 3) Religion of the Illuminati - and of Antichrist; 4) The Illuminati 7-Part Plan for Global Conquest. Focus is on the infamous Rothschild 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' and how leaders are following that plan as a blueprint; 5) The two Great Seals of the United States; 6) Maps of Washington, D.C. From this discussion, Doc presents a thorough examination of the Illuminati Card Game, showing specific cards.

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The All-Seeing Eye on Dollar Bill

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Masonic Dollar Bill

Masonic Symbol in Washington DC

Maps of Washington, D.C.

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The outer circle has many organizations which are striving mightily and cooperatively for the New World Order. They are:

Roman Catholic Church

Satanism (Active Worship of Satan)

Secret Society called "Rosicrucianism"

D & D (Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game)

(Note: This game system is the perfect instructional manual on practical


Satanic Sabbaths (Eight Holy Days per year, each of which requires human


Hebrew Letters written between the English words are from the Jewish

secret society, The Cabala. They mean, "Witchcraft Today For As Much

Within Ancient Babylon". Translated, this means that the witchcraft being practiced today is the same as that practiced in Ancient Babylon. Further, this Hebraic message is printed backwards, in the ancient tradition of Satanism. The Jewish Cabala is the most influential of all secret societies in the drive to the New World Order, the Anti-Semitic emphasis notwithstanding.

The Second Circle is comprised of the most influential human activity possible. The organizations and/or

Forces are:

The Illuminati, (Secret Society modeled after the Roman Catholic Jesuits)

From its inception on May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt, the Illuminati

has been actively worshipping Satan and developing the Plan for instituting

the New World Order.

The Masons (Freemasonry)

Freemasonry has long been an occult secret society, with many of the

goals of the New World Order. However, Masons taught that all the necessary changes inherent in the New World Order would take place

naturally, as a result of "human evolution". From 1777-1782, Weishaupt's

men infiltrated every Masonic Lodge in Europe in order to infiltrate their

ideas of actual revolution being necessary to implement these changes.

In 1782, Freemasonry agreed with the Illuminati as to the necessity of

revolution, signing on as co-leaders in the drive to the New World Order.

When the Illuminati was put out of business in 1785, Freemasonry became

the undisputed leader of the New World Order movement.

The House of Rothschild

The Satanic vision for the New World Order could never have been realized had it not been for the immense wealth of the Rothschild Family.

One of Weishaupt's first significant backer was Mr. Rothschild. Family

Wealth has since been indispensable in the path to this system. But, why

should Christians be surprised, for the Bible states, "The Love of Money

is the root of all evil". (2 Timothy 6:10) Indeed, this most evil system in all history is rooted firmly and deeply in the love of money. The Rothschild

Family is also one of history's prime examples of Generational Witchcraft

(Exodus 20:3-5) The prime example of an American Family who is so involved is the Rockefeller Family, also very heavily into witchcraft.

Rock-n-Roll Music Industry

A former Luciferian like Marquis has no trouble understanding that Rock-n-Roll music is pure, unadulterated witchcraft. Christian authors

in the past have made such a statement, only to be laughed at by teens

anxious to keep their beloved music. Rock-n-Roll is the perfect medium

by which Satanists can teach youngsters the precepts of Satanism. This goal is accomplished by inducing human minds into a higher "stage of

consciousness" (mild hypnosis) so that this Satanism can penetrate directly into their subconscious. Rock-n-Roll is preparing two entire generations of children for the values of the New World Order.

The Black Pope

In 1541, the Pope created the Satanic Secret Society known as the Jesuits. The goal of the Jesuits was to reverse the Reformation, to root out heretics,

and to generally wage a constant state of war against all enemies of the church. The Jesuits were subjected to the absolute, total control of a general who was known as the Black Pope. This Black Pope is an adept

in the Black Arts of Satanism. While the Jesuits are bound to obey both the Black and White Popes, the Black Pope is believed to wield the real absolute power within the Vatican, beginning in the early 1700's. The Black Pope has consistently moved the R. C. Church deeper into practice of witchcraft. This goal of officially taking over the R.C. Church for Satan

has arrived at the late stage whereby the Public Pope is now using a non-

traditional Crucifix, the one called the Twisted Cross. This Twisted Cross

was created by Satanists in the Middle Ages as their symbol of Anti-Christ. Thus, when Pope John Paul II holds this Twisted Cross up

to the faithful, as he does constantly, they are unknowingly bowing to the

symbol of Anti-Christ. This is one of those never-before occurrences in world history that strongly suggests the beginning of the Great Tribulation

generally and the Roman Catholic Pope as the False Prophet specifically.

Satan's Inner Circle

Notice the Hexagram on which Satan's altar is resting. Since this hexagram is surrounded by a circle, it becomes a Demon Trap, which we now know is THE most powerful tool possible to conjure up a demon so that he can be forced to do that which the Witch wants him to do. Thus, we have Satan represented at the top of this entire New World Order Plan (The All-Seeing Eye) and at the very inner core (The Demon Trap).

Satan's Altar is highly significant. Human sacrifice is required on this altar, as are abominations against God of every conceivable stripe. Marquis has chosen to drive home this point by pouring human blood over the altar and by showing the Anti-Christ Inverted Cross on one of the ends. The importance of the United States of America is clearly represented by the "Two Seals Of Our Doom".

Let us now step backward and look at the organizations contained within this Great New World Order Seal, from another angle. Since this new order is to be comprised of three distinct elements -- Spiritual/Political/Economic -- let us examine each of these organizations as to which of these three elements each represents:

1. Spiritual Element

Satan -- Represented by the All-Seeing Eye, the altar, and the Demon Trap

Secret Societies -- The Illuminati, The Rosicrucians, and The Freemasons

Roman Catholicism -- The Catholic Church and The Black Jesuit Pope

Rock-n-Roll Music Industry

Dungeons and Dragons Role-Playing Game

2. Economic Element

The House of Rothschild

3. Political Element

The United States of America -- represented by our official Two Great Seals

Isn't it terribly revealing that the only political entity which Marquis lists as being an integral part of the drive to the New World Order is the United States of America? Furthermore, this country is listed as the official seal of Satan's altar, next to the heart of Satan himself.

Why only the United States of America? There have been other, more wicked and more deadly countries in this deadly Twentieth Century. For example:

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR)

Since the beginning of this Atheistic Empire, Communism has killed over 200 million people and have imprisoned tens of millions more. They have attacked God's True Church and God's Chosen People, the Jews. They have been responsible for untold misery and death for the last 80 years.

But, most importantly, their goals and their methods are identical to that of the Illuminati!! Why doesn't this most knowledgeable Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis, list the USSR in his New World Organization Chart?

Does he know something we do not?

Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany

Hitler and his government were avowed Satan worshippers. In their huge public meetings, they led the adoring German people in actual Satan worship. The Nazi war machine plunged the world into the greatest war in all history, and it engineered the most systematic slaughter of human beings in all history. Nazi Germany systematically killed two-thirds of the world's population of God's Chosen People, the Jews, and they were beginning to kill Born-Again Christians at the time of their defeat.

But, most importantly, their goals and methods were New World Order. Hitler repeatedly called for the establishment of this new global system, and repeatedly used this term, New World Order. Why doesn't this Illuminati-trained and educated Luciferian Illuminist, Doc Marquis, list Nazi Germany in his New World Organization chart?

Does he know something we do not?

When you understand the reason that only the United States of America is listed in this New World Order Organization Chart, you will be amazed to the point of denial. You will then understand why God must judge this former Christian Nation the most severe.

Stand by for some shocking insight.

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End time protocal

See Protocol Agenda of the New World Order called Protocol of the Elders of Zion

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