Friday, April 1, 2011

The Hidden Agenda of the Unrest in Middle East

Unrest in Middle East

- This is part of Globalization

To create a global New World Government, there cannot exist dictatorships or kings.

The Global Elitist is creating a world divided in 10 regions of the world called the "Non-Integrating Gap" region! What is this region, you say, and why would it be specifically targeted for wars and rumors of wars?

Countries lagging behind the rest of the world in being incorporated into the Global Economy and Government, and need to be boot-kicked into fully joining the world body.

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The purpose of global social unrest in the middle east is to greatly affect global equities; bring many nations(if not all) on their knees as they become economically crippled, and politically weakened hence, at the mercy of the superpower master-planner that is behind it all.

How is the world looked at today:

According to Global Elite thinking, there are only two types of nations in the world today:

  1. Nations who are already functioning in the new Global System or who are clearly and firmly going in that direction -- the "Functioning Core"
  2. Nations who are not now functioning in the Global System and are not likely to do so in the foreseeable future, unless they are kicked into it by U.S. or European troops, or by the threat of invasion. These nations are called the "Non-Integrating Gap".

Northern Africa and the middle east are lagging behind. Dictatorships and kings need to be removed. Libya, besides the oil, is anti West and some of the middle east is pro west for democracy.

Please see map of the 10 nation world.

Remember in Danial and Revelations it talks about 10 nations or 10 kings. The difference between the old roman empire and new roman empire the old was legs and the new are feet with 10 toes.

10 Nations and the Muslim world has to become unified to be a nation of states. November of 2000 the nation of Europe unified and gave up individual sovereignty and became a type of United States.

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Now, the middle east has to do the same. This is organized by the Club of Rome, one of the legs of the secret society and part of organizing the world as a New World Order.

Please focus on Regional Nation #7, noting that it is the precise area of Northern Africa and the Middle East where that planned super nation is located!

Using this planned unrest, the Global Elite are forcing strongmen leaders out of office who resist the Plan to meld them into Regional Government #7. You see, when a country becomes part of a Regional Government, its leaders completely lose national sovereignty. They can no longer decide what is right or wrong based upon a narrow reading of their country’s short-term needs and long-term strategic goals.

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Christians, time is short. Not only North Africa and Middle east but other parts of the world such as North Korea or anyone else who is a dictatorship / King / Marquee who is not part of the Global System will be demised properly for the world to become one with many voices.

These incentives are unlikely to appease the reformers, since the entire event is scripted and is designed to replace strong-willed governments / monarchs with easily deceived and manipulative "democracies."

The Pro-Western leaders of Lebanon and Egypt have been overthrown; likewise, the anti-West government of Libya is about to fall.

Pro-Western governments of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman are planned to really feel the heat very shortly. But, then, the anti-Western governments of Yemen and northern Sudan are feeling the pressure as well.

Washington takes “real strategic possession” of the land against whom this strategy is currently being aimed. Washington is about to "take real ownership of strategic security" in a section facing strategic ocean waters -- Yemen, Somalia, the Sudan, and Saudi Arabia face out on the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Arabian Sea, and the Persian Gulf!

The Illuminati has created a plan to reorganize the world into exactly 10 super nations, in precise fulfillment of Daniel 7:7-8. Here is the Plan:

1) North America
2) Western Europe
3) Japan
4) Australia, South Africa, and the rest of the market-economy of the developed world.
5) Eastern Europe, including Russia
6) Latin America
7) North Africa and the Middle East
8) Tropical Africa
9) South and Southeast Asia
10) China

The Ivory Coast is being threatened with “military intervention.” Unrest reigns from Somalia to Nigeria, to Zimbabwe. This region is known as “Tropical Africa” and will be Regional Government #8. These countries will give up individual sovereignty to unify the southern part of Africa as region #8.

Were are we going:

Christians are also foolishly praising President Obama for finally coming out to cleanup falsehoods. Unfortunately, for all, this is the time for the new world order — leaders must implement ‘humanism’ based on human rights and natural laws against which, the religious and customary laws must cease.

As such, all religious abominations and customary taboos must be recognised under the new rights and laws through a collective reasoning for all peoples of the world.

Unfortunately for the US, this time around, the resurrection of the Roman empire, EU will overtake its supremacy.

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