Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creating Islamic Union

3 Videos Creating Islamic Union

It is not only about oil but creating an Islamic union, start WW III, and so on.

Part 1 of 3

The world is to be divided into 10 regions. That is why the political unrest. Before the world can be united in the One World, then the dictatorship, kings and monarchs have to be disolved.

Remember that Roman Empire included Northern Africa and Middle East.

Part 2 of 3

The Islamic world covers a huge geographic area populated by 1.2 billion Muslims. The Ottoman Empire was the most recent example of this. Considering the present-day conditions, it is a matter of urgency to bring about a new Islamic Union, which would enable the Muslim world, as well as the entire world, to live in peace.

Establishing an Islamic Union and a central Islamic authority, based on democratic principles and the rule of law, would be major steps forward in resolving the Islamic world's current problems.

As we progress through this book, we will analyze several aspects of this proposed Islamic Union, such as its ability to:

1- Reach all of the Islamic world. Therefore, it must be founded upon Islam's core principles and not become the organ of a particular denomination or sect.

2- Support human rights, democracy, and free enterprise, and seek to achieve its mission of economic, cultural, and scientific development in the Islamic world.

3- Establish friendly and harmonious relations with other countries or civilizations, and cooperate with the global community and the UN on such issues as controlling weapons of mass destruction, terrorism, international crime, and the environment.

4- Deal with the minority rights of Christians and Jews, as well as foreigners who migrate to Islamic countries, consider their safety a priority, and value interfaith dialogue and cooperation.

5- Seek fair and peaceful solutions whereby both sides make compromises to end conflicts between the non-Muslims and Muslims in Palestine, Kashmir, the southern Philippines, and other regions. It must defend the rights of Muslims as well as prevent radical Islamic movements from driving the situation to into a dead-end.

Part 3 of 3

This is bringing Shites, Sunies, Wabbies together as one.

10 Heads as stated in the Book of Daniel and Revelation

While the Club of Rome has talked about dividing the World into 10 regions - the exact regions haven't been decided yet. And when they do they will be fulfilling Bible Prophecy. The New World Order will probably be based on 10 world regions

Note: Why are we in afaganistan. 1. Oil, 2. Opium but 3. lithium worth over trillion dollars.

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