Wednesday, May 4, 2011

John Todd Audio Files

  • Tape 1A
    John Todd's testimony of deliverance from the
    Occult, evils of witchcraft.  6.1 megabytes in MP3 format
    with 43 minutes of audio. The sound quality will greatly
    improve after the first couple minutes.

  • Tape 1B
    Music and Spells. 44 minutes / 4.3 megabytes.

  • Tape 2A
    Dangers of fortune telling, familiar spirits, CS
    Lewis, JRR Toiken, etc etc! 43 minutes / 4.2 megabytes.

  • Tape 2B
    Charles Manson, Sharon Tate murder, Process
    Church, epilepsy, UFOs, demon possession, Jimmy Carter etc!
    40 minutes / 3.8 megabytes.

  • Tape 3A
    What is the Illuminati? CFR? Trilateral
    Commission, what 33rd. Degree Masons believe about Lucifer,
    etc! 43 minutes / 4.2 megabytes.

  • Tape 3B
    Continuation of what is the Illuminati? Who
    leads it? The Charismatic movement / Chuck Smith / Jesus
    Rock / John Birch Society / Freemasons, purpose of Rock
    Music, etc! 40 minutes / 4.4 megabytes.

  • Tape 4A
    How to survive, etc! 43 minutes / 4.6 megabytes.

  • Tape 4B
    Masons, Salvation message by pastor 1 hour 16
    minutes / 9.1 megabytes.  It is the largest of all the files
    of this set. The audio quality is not very good but still

  • Tape 5A
    Todd's testimony about the occult world, the
    Illuminati, the Collins family, introduction of witchcraft
    to America, etc! 41 minutes / 6.1 megabytes.

  • Tape 5B
    Salvation testimony, deliverance from fear based
    on 2Tim1:7, Rock Music, Book of Mormon based on the
    Witchcraft bible Book of Shadows, witchcraft symbols used in
    jewelry, Catholic mass compared to witchcraft, why JFK was
    killed, etc! 39 minutes / 4.3 megabytes.

  • Tape 6A
    History as a witch, doctrine, evils of
    television,43 minutes / 4.7 megabytes.

  • Tape 6B
    More details of his life in the occult, evils
    and addiction of rock music, purpose of rock music - to get
    Christians cast spells on themselves! etc.36 minutes / 3.5

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