Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Obama calls for Israel to return to 1967 borders

Topic One: Obama calls for Israel to return to 1967 borders. What would this mean for Israel’s security? How are the leaders of Israel responding? Why should Israel tell America to keep their foreign aid and do what is best for Israel? Jimmy DeYoung lived in Israel for 20 years and joins Brannon to discuss these topics. Topic Two: On last Friday’s TV program, Glenn Beck asked two Christian guests when are people going to accept a person’s fruits as proof they are a Christian.

Brannon says if he were a guest this would have been a real opportunity for him to give the gospel but neither guest gives the gospel and explains that external fruit is not the only test but also doctrinal fruit. Pastor Tom Mullins actually told Beck that he and Beck love the same God. So Mullins worships the Mormon god that evolved from flesh and bone? Mullins also talks about the unity of all the pastors that are part of the Black Robe Regiment but what unites them if theology does not belong in the culture as Beck and his guests say? Why have a group of pastors working with them if theology does not belong in the culture? Is this because the god they are all working for is a universal god?

Christians cannot separate their theology, philosophy and ethics from the culture and public arena and in fact, without theology, doctrine, and the gospel the Black Robe Regiment is a complete waste of time at best and dangerous at worst by promoting ecumenicalism. Beck announces one reason he is leaving Fox is to target teens. America’s teens will now be targeted for instruction by a New Age Mormon?

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