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Learn How Globalization is being Accomplished

Who rules this world!

Masters and Orders

Corporations are now more powerful than governments

23 clips on corporations

These individuals and organizations must be tripped up with every step, cut off at every turn, exposed with every opportunity, and thwarted in every action taken: the Bank Of International Settlements (BIS), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Club Of Rome, The Committee Of 300, the Central ‘Intelligence’ Agency (CIA), the Council On Foreign Relations, The Tri-Lateral Commission, The Bilderberg Groups, the ‘Federal’ Reserve System, the Internal Revenue Service(s), Goldman Sachs, Israel and the Israeli lobby [AIPAC], the Vatican, the City of London, Brussels, the United Nations, the Israeli Mossad, and the primary chosen mouthpiece of the beast, the Associated Press (AP).”

To transform this country, and eventually the whole, world to one cohesive organization. When Illumicorp finishes gaining centralized control over the resources of the planet, and we will, we can then organize, distribute, and govern to the benefit of all. After competition and decent are eliminated, we’ll build a utopia for the world to share, based on need, and rejoice together in a harmonious new world.

This presentation is designed to enlightened you about our organization’s goals and achievements. As your guard, I will help to answer some basic questions you may have about Illumicorp, and familiarize you with the valuable role will play in helping us reach our prime objective. So please take a tour with me as we march together towards an exciting new world.

All people are aware of class. To them society is made up of the rich, the middle and the poor. The one thing that all three classes don’t understand is that the pyramid continues upward. There is a detached hidden capstone made up of an elite board of directors who own and manage Illumicorp. The three classes below, in essence, become the assets and resources of Illumicorp. Illumicorp is divided into various administrative branches. But each branch has the same five levels in their hierarchy. You will begin at the bottom in the initiate category. As such, you role will be to make sure that your orders are carried out through the sub corporations and institutions controlled by Illumicorp.

You will be placed in plain sight at the head of a company or institution in the public sector to carry out the plans delivered from above. Remember, your role is very important. You’ll be the face of Illumicorp to the outside world. You are our connection to the masses below. Never speak publicly about your orders or your masters.

Now let’s look at Illumicorp six administrative branches and their functions. You’ll be placed in a top position of power among one of the following sectors. In this way, as you are monitored and guided from above, you will decide strategy and introduce programs to further our goals. For that is the secret to Illumicorp success. Control the head, and you control the body.

This is potentially Illumicorps most effective instrument for global control. Through international banking, we manipulate the face of all countries. We’ve introduced many institutions such as the IMF and WTO to work in our favor to impoverish disobedient nations. Always remember, debt is a powerful weapon against countries that don’t share Illumicorps vision.

Perhaps our greatest achievement in banking is the Federal Reserve system. It is a collection of international banks owned by Illumicorp members and financiers. It was created to form a centralized banking system through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. An act that was indeed penned by some of our most esteemed members.

Many of you might still assume that the government itself prints and issues the currency. That is not the case. When America needs money they go to our boys and ask for it. The money is printed, but it is only representative of a loan. Interest accrues on that dollar until it is paid back to the Fed. In fact the federal taxes paid by the American population go almost entirely to paying off this debt. So you see, Illumicorp derives a healthy amount of its operation funding directly from the debt of the public. Needless to say, this is one of our most crucial sources of funding and one of our proudest achievements here at Illumicorp.

Through mergers and acquisitions, we have slowly and silently bought up the majority of U.S. industry. Illumicorp and its members own most of the oil, transport, banking, media, food and communications industries in America and abroad. Through fewer and fewer conglomerates we are able to affect with great precision the machinations of labor and government. Ultimately, corporations will replace government as a centralized international body that can meet the needs of the public worldwide, without the chaos created by national self interest. When Illumicorp goes public, corporatism will be the foundation for world government. Conglomerates were merge into one cohesive corporation that is responsible only to Illumicorp and the needs of its global employment force.


Illumicorp control of the American military is another impressive tool in our possession. We have nurtured these institutions lavishly to serve as the prototype for our global police force. When ready, our technology and man power will dominate those who oppose the coming New World Order. By utilizing American patriotism we have fostered in the American soldier the philosophy of peace through superior force. When the time is right, we will migrate that mentality towards the belief in a global government, who must protect all people through superior force.

We have used the American military industrial complex to build the arsenal necessary to instigate the final cleansing, outlined in Illumicorp great plan. Our primary target will be Islamic nations who will never submit to our western centric domination. They also hold much of the remaining oil reserves of the planet. Illumicorp must own that precious recourse as it is crucial in maintaining our domination over the countries of the world.

Through Illumicorp enormous funding of the military, we can develop new forms of warfare and population reduction. The public can’t imagine what we’re in the process of developing. Soon, even the weather will be a weapon under our control. We will be able to create droughts, floods, hurricanes, and even tsunamis, with no fingerprints attached.


The political system of America has been under direct control of Illumicorp for some time. It was actually a relatively easy acquisition, and has been even easier to manage. Politicians know of our unspoken agreement, and will do anything to stay in power.

A two party system benefits Illimicorp, in that is reduces all issues into a black and white debate. Through media we can play side against side, using each when necessary to support our goals. Due to a diminishing faith in the system among the public, Illumicorp has designed a rogue candidate program to provide a voice for the dispossessed. This disperses the impetus for dissent among those who do not feel represented by our candidates and builds a database of potential dissidents.


At the turn of the last century, Illumicorp took a serious interest in public education. Our supreme council realized that by creating a private organization to dictate curriculum on a federal level, children could be conditioned into obedience on a mass scale. In the interest of promoting Illumicorp principles in the classroom, hundreds of millions of dollars were invested to create the General Education Board in 1902. The result of doing this is evident today. The doctrines of public education have transformed recent generations into a weaker, more docile mass. Through meticulously planned curriculum, we have control over the process by which the average child learns, thus we can mold them into obedient workers who are conditioned to accept the implementation of the great plan.

In addition, Illumicorp has set up many associations, including the American Historical Association, that determine and uphold the official view of history. Knowledge is power, so we must at all costs be the authors of the truth. By writing history to suit our interests, dissenting voices cannot gain ground and we can vastly influence culture to achieve our prime objective.


Illumicorp uses the media to shape public opinion on current events and condition desired attitudes about our future agenda. Through news, entertainment, and advertising we can program a variety of emotions and responses into the collective unconscious. In the past, we were limited entirely to print media. But bow we have multiple mediums to utilize in programming and conditioning the masses. With cable news, we have directed the public to a more entertainment based consumption of world events. Infotainment. This medium is far more effective at subliminal reinforcement of desired attitudes towards our objectives. For instance, we are currently instilling a sense of duty towards environmental issues.

With our growing control of the weather through HAARP and chemtrails, we will scare the public into accepting our global protection agendas. We will then phase into the great cleansing which must occur, to return the population to a manageable size. We reinforce the desired norm through advertising, creating a model for people to look up to that is virtually impossible. The result is an incomplete desperate individual seeking acceptance. Through reality television game shows, we repeat the pattern of individual survival verses group survival. This breaks down the idea of community breeds individuals who seek only their self interest, with a public that is constantly suspicious and scheming we maintain the status quo of a divided population that never thinks to look up.


Religion has served its purpose incredibly well. It is oldest and perhaps the broadest form of social control utilized by Illumicorp. With religion, there is a written code of conduct that must be followed. The authors of the holy scriptures know quite well how to lace that code with demands, to maintain their dominance over the population. This system has survived for millenia, to hold the flock together and bring us to today.

Admittedly, religion is losing its power of control. However, the fanaticism that has arisen due to this decline is particularly helpful to Illumicorp. Our invisible influence in the church has helped bring the Christian fundamentalists out of the background. We help control their opinions on current issues through policies designed right here at Illumicorp headquarters. They are sent to our ministers who then preach the word of god, and their interpretations of the Bible to their followers. Their blind faith is used to transform them into willing soldiers, to defend our cause during the catastrophes ahead.

As the final phase is enacted, we will propagate end time prophecy to convince them of their convictions.

The rise of Islamic fundamentalism works to Illumicorp advantage as a threat that will demand violent action. In the coming years, planned terrorist attacks will warrant a full scale retaliation and initiate the final phase of the great plan. Christians will support our actions, since they will believe them to be proof of the end times, prophesied by Illumicorp religious leaders.

A word from our PRESIDENT
We are in the last days of darkness. Together in secret, we wait to begin the final phase of the great plan. The sun is rising, and it will beam a glorious dawn upon our new world. As an employee of Illumicorp, you are above the limitations of nationality, class and religion. You are a member of the Illumined now. Your loyalty and your devotion belong only with us. Help us finish the plan. Together, we will proudly initiate the New World Order.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how we work over here at Illumicorp, I would like to introduce to you one of our latest projects. THE CONTROL GRID
Since ancient times, it has been the desire of the illumined to wield control over the masses below, both to protect us from them and them from themselves. The tools through the ages have been effective, but always are blunt and inaccurate. But now, with the release of new technology to the masses, we have the real ability to introduce a control grid with finance, industry, governments and military under our strict control, who can safely shift the population into a new world, monitored and controlled, by Illumicorp.

Technology such as the internet, GPS, and RFID chips are pillars of the invisible prison we are erecting around the people. Within the decade, we will have real ID cards that contain criminal records and pertinent information all linked to federal databases. Cell phones will tell us where each individual is linked to the same database. Through intelligence agencies and Homeland Security, we’ll monitor individuals who oppose the great plan and remove them from the grid. Quickly the population will learn that they have a choice; support the system and benefit from its luxuries or reject it and lose access to the grid.

Well, that was quite an overview. I hope it gave you an understanding of our process and basic overall structure here at Illumicorp. Don’t worry if you can’t remember specific details at the moment. Once assigned to your administrative branch, you’ll be shown the second Illumicorp training module. Your initiate supervisor will brief you on your specific duties at that point.

Also, please review your copy of the great plan and the attached codeword and symbols booklet. You will need to know the ways we communicate internally through public channels. This concludes part one of the Illumicorp video training module. I wish you the best of luck, and may our plan complete and supersede. The dawn of a new era is on the horizon and it will shine gloriously over the new world that we have built together.

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